Ballroom Dance a Great Workout!

Feet partners on black background

Hello ladies and gentlemen! It’s me Jordan, getting back with you with a great workout idea for today.Many of us struggle getting motivated to go through our daily workouts, much less actually enjoy them. It is a common theme all too often. Yes! I need to get my daily workout in but sometimes the typical gym and cardio just gets to be plain lame!

So here is my solution and something I just picked up last week. Are you ready?… How about ballroom dancing! Thats right, put on those dancing shoes because ballroom dancing is not just a craze but it’s here to stay. I have recently been watching a lot of Dancing With The Stars and it has truly inspired me to burn some extra calories through moving my hips! These hips don’t lie and the other night, I had my first class in which we learned the basics of latin dance!

The first thing I noticed, was that the female instructor was in great shape and I came to find out later that she was fifty years old! I was blown away by her athletic ability and still maintaining the body of a 25 year gymnast. Well, she barely led us through several basics and after an hour, I was already feeling it! I’m so used to weights but this seemed to involve different small muscles that my body just wasn’t used to engaging.

After our session was over, I was convinced that there is a good reason why the majority of ballroom dancers are fit and lean. I am now a believer and I highly suggest you guys go check it out for yourself. For your information, my heart rate was at a constant 70 % of my maximum heart rate! Pretty good, just for shaking those hips.