Employee Health And Fitness Awareness Day At Plano Plumbers Elite


If you live in the city of Plano or the surrounding areas, then you already know about Plano Plumbers Elite. We work tirelessly to ensure we bring Plano and the surrounding areas the best plumbing work at the best price. It’s our duty to be neighborly and ensure everyone is treated right.


We’ve learned that the best way to do this is to ensure that our technicians are healthy and ready to work. Unlike many other companies, we think it’s important to invest in our staff rather than replace them whenever they can’t perform at 100% all the time. They’ve given us their time and energy, it’s our job to give back to them just like we do the neighborhood. To that end, we’ve decided to set up a fitness awareness day.


What Exercises For Fitness Have We Planned?

We spent a lot of time speaking with professional dietitians and workout gurus. What we learned is that the biggest mistake people make is presuming there’s a specific exercise or diet that will get them healthy. It’s an easy mistake to make. Television and magazines are all trying to sell you the one magic bullet for health.


Instead, what’s important is to match the diet and exercise to the person’s individual needs. That’s why instead of specific exercises, we’ve brought in dieticians and personal trainers. They’ve pledged to work with our employees, office staff and field technicians alike, to help ensure their health and fitness.


How Does This Help You Get Cheap Plumbing Work?

We’re not some big corporation trying to maximize profits at the cost of human life. We’re a local company, locally owned and operated. We want to make a good living by supporting our community doing what we love to do.


To that end, we understand that good job security encourages employees to work harder. They know their company has their back, they’ll work to make the company succeed. It’s only logical!


So instead of demanding a certain level of work that requires certain levels of physical fitness and firing the employee when they can no longer meet those requirements, we went a different way. We decided to help our employees be the best they can.


After all, a weak link breaks a chain. So if we make sure we don’t have any weak links, then we can be a strong chain bringing the best plumbing at the best price to Plano and the surrounding areas check us out at www.planoplumbers.org