Hey Guys! Thank you so much for checking out my site. It means a lot for me to share with you my thoughts and personal story. My name’s Jordan, and I’m a 26 year old single white female/personal trainer. I was not born with a silver spoon and come from a tiny little West Texas town called Alpine Texas. I’m definitely not ashamed of my upbringing nor ashamed of the town where I grew up. I’m actually extremely proud!

Growing up in this environment has allowed me to become the person that I am today and I truly appreciate everything that my parents did for me. For one thing, my Father is probably the hardest working man I know and my Mother is the most kind hearted soul, I ever had the pleasure to know. Are my parents perfect? You have to be kidding me?… I take what I love about them and I leave the rest! They did the best they could with what little they had and I’m forever grateful to be their daughter.

After graduating with a degree in Kinesiology, I moved to Dallas Texas to find my purpose in life. I never was a country girl but truly enjoy the fast paced city life. I can’t stand the traffic and sometimes people are a tad snooty but you definitely can’t have it all. Anyways, the reason for the title of Red Zero Radio, is because back in the day, my best friend Amy and I would play war games in her backyard swimming pool.

We would pretend to be sea captains, managing our large ship and would yell out codes on our pretend radio in case there was ever an emergency. One of Amy’s favorite code’s to use was Red Zero!!! Every time she shouted this out, I knew that there was a clear and present danger. Well , It was a day like any other, two little girls playing in the pool but this time was eerily different.

Amy’s parents had repeatedly told her to not be diving off the high diving board into the deep end. Unfortunately, she was a strong willed child and was always a dare devil at heart. Sometimes, I didn’t think Amy had an ounce of fear in her and I had always admired that growing up. However, when Amy dove off that high board that day, she was extremely startled on impact and was dazed beyond her natural ability to swim. She tried her best to swim back to the shallow end but I could tell that she didn’t have the strength to make it. She yelled out for me and then she shouted out Red Zero! Again, this was the code for ultimate danger but I was too scared to move a muscle. I just stood there in the shallow end ,watching this horror take place, right before my eyes. I heard Amy’s distraught voice shout out the code once more but then soon after, there became disturbing silence!

I was never quite the same after that event. I was so angry at myself for being too afraid to help out my best friend that day! The anger soon became depression and then the depression led to negativity and all the things that were wrong with my life. I soon became to hate myself and I started finding out that the only comfort I felt was from food. At the age of twelve, I weighed in at a whopping 196 pounds! It was roughly two years after Amy’s accident and I was drowning my sorrows with poor eating habits.

It’s crazy looking back how overweight I was. I needed some serious help and thankfully that help came through my Aunt Becky, who encouraged me to start making better choices when it came to food. She taught me about nutrition and portion control. I soon became very excited learning about calories, fats, carbs and protein. Who would have thought… I became very intrigued on how certain foods could better enhance my body but also how I felt about myself as well.

Long story short. I soon lost over 75 pounds and became hooked on health and fitness for life! My goal is to empower other women and honor my friend Amy, by creating this blog dedicated to her!