There are a number of companies in the Plano area that offer tree service but it is important to note that they are not all the same. Just like any other business, there are some companies that provide higher quality service than others. The key to finding the best tree service in Plano is to take your time to do the right amount of research before you make your choice.

The first thing that you will need to do is take the time to research the reviews that have been left by past customers in the area. This will give you the most information possible about the level of service that each company typically provides. While it is impossible for every customer to be satisfied with the level of service that they received, in general there should be a consensus that the company does a thorough job.

Once you have determined at least 3 companies that are likely to provide high quality service you will want to call each company and request a quote for services. Due to the nature of tree services they will need to come to your home or business and evaluate the work that needs to be done in order to give you a firm quote. The company should be more than happy to do this free of charge.

Once you have 3 quotes in hand you are ready to make your final decision. Be sure that you consider their professionalism in addition to the fee that they will charge. It is not always best to go with the lowest quote as you may not get the service that you expect.

As long as you take the time to do the above steps you should be able to find quality tree service in Plano. The key is to follow each step so that you are satisfied with the final result.

As a fitness freak and gym owner, I tend to spend a lot of time working out.

It’s a part of who I am, and I have countless clients come in for assistance. Their goals vary, but that’s the best part of my job as I get to help people become the best version of themselves. However, the most important client I have is my cousin Ben, who has been wanting to shed weight for a long time. He spends most of this day working on projects as an electrician, but Ben is ready to make a change.

He asked me to help him eat better and put together a professional exercise routine to reach his goals.

I have been helping him out, and the change is noticeable. He is feeling confident about himself, and this is a significant win in my eyes. I love the chances he’s displaying, and he’s starting to bring this confidence with him everywhere he goes.

Getting healthier is a significant life change and it’s one everyone should be pursuing. While he spends time being the best electrician in town offering quality electrical repair Fort Worth TX has to offer, he is loving the new lifestyle change too.

We are continually working on his routine making sure it is working the way he wants it to.

I feel he is getting on top of things now and learning as he goes. This is the beauty of losing weight and getting fitter. You start to learn more and have a thirst for knowledge.

He’s already a smart man as an electrician, and it’s starting to show here.

Now he offers excellent electrical repair Fort Worth TX has to offer while also making sure he’s getting fitter at the same time. It’s a real win-win.


If you live in the city of Plano or the surrounding areas, then you already know about Plano Plumbers Elite. We work tirelessly to ensure we bring Plano and the surrounding areas the best plumbing work at the best price. It’s our duty to be neighborly and ensure everyone is treated right.


We’ve learned that the best way to do this is to ensure that our technicians are healthy and ready to work. Unlike many other companies, we think it’s important to invest in our staff rather than replace them whenever they can’t perform at 100% all the time. They’ve given us their time and energy, it’s our job to give back to them just like we do the neighborhood. To that end, we’ve decided to set up a fitness awareness day.


What Exercises For Fitness Have We Planned?

We spent a lot of time speaking with professional dietitians and workout gurus. What we learned is that the biggest mistake people make is presuming there’s a specific exercise or diet that will get them healthy. It’s an easy mistake to make. Television and magazines are all trying to sell you the one magic bullet for health.


Instead, what’s important is to match the diet and exercise to the person’s individual needs. That’s why instead of specific exercises, we’ve brought in dieticians and personal trainers. They’ve pledged to work with our employees, office staff and field technicians alike, to help ensure their health and fitness.


How Does This Help You Get Cheap Plumbing Work?

We’re not some big corporation trying to maximize profits at the cost of human life. We’re a local company, locally owned and operated. We want to make a good living by supporting our community doing what we love to do.


To that end, we understand that good job security encourages employees to work harder. They know their company has their back, they’ll work to make the company succeed. It’s only logical!


So instead of demanding a certain level of work that requires certain levels of physical fitness and firing the employee when they can no longer meet those requirements, we went a different way. We decided to help our employees be the best they can.


After all, a weak link breaks a chain. So if we make sure we don’t have any weak links, then we can be a strong chain bringing the best plumbing at the best price to Plano and the surrounding areas check us out at

If you’ve been paying attention to the area of Frisco, Texas, then you know about the big storm that happened recently. Power was knocked out all across the city, and many people were left without power for several days. It was a situation where the community really had to pull together to make sure everyone came out okay.

Luckily, Frisco Electrician Experts is a company that’s part of the community! The head of the company, Jerry Belmont, has been working with electrical work his entire life. He works closely with his now adult son and the two help people all across Frisco and the surrounding area when they have power problems.

Due to how many areas were without power, many electricians had to work day and night to get anything done. The expert technicians from Frisco Electrician Experts were right there on the ground, helping the city get the power grid up and running.

They didn’t charge for this help, either. Because the storm affected the entire community, Belmont said that he wouldn’t have felt right charging anyone for his services. “My neighbors needed help,” Belmont told reporters. “What could I do, not help them? That’s not how my dad raised me, and that’s not how I raised my son.”

Truly, Frisco Electrician Experts is a company of the community. Since the Belmont family lives in Frisco, you can trust that they have Frisco’s best interests at heart. You can tell by the way they jumped to help their community when the big storm hit.

When you need an electrical company you can trust, who do you call? The company that just wants to do business? Or the company that went out of their way to help their neighbors and didn’t ask for any money in return? Hire electricians you can trust to take care of your home.



Alright guys, I know its been quite awhile but just wanted to enlighten everyone on a new health tip that I learned today. This tip comes from a good friend of mine thats owns a health and wellness spa. Are you ready for it? Well, here it is… I will be showing you guys how to make a pad to get rid of dark circles under your eyes!

Yes, we have all experienced those nasty things, whether its from poor genetics, lack of sleep or too much sun. All I know is that dark circles are no fun and definitely are not a gal’s best friend.

  1. First you will need to either get a makeup remover pad or a cut piece of thin towel and damp it slightly.
  2. Next chop up a potato, cucumber, and a tomato.
  3. Blend all the little cube size pieces into a little blender.(a magic bullet works wonders)
  4. You will now have a slight greenish/grayish paste that is  definitely not pleasing to the eyes but you will see how well it works!
  5. Now get the damp cloth/makeup remover and dip it into the mix.
  6. Put the dipped cloth into the freezer for 15 minutes.
  7. Take it out and then put the cloth under your eyes for instant cooling relief. Make sure you leave it on for 15 minutes and remember you can do this twice a day to get rid of those nasty dark circles!

Feet partners on black background

Hello ladies and gentlemen! It’s me Jordan, getting back with you with a great workout idea for today.Many of us struggle getting motivated to go through our daily workouts, much less actually enjoy them. It is a common theme all too often. Yes! I need to get my daily workout in but sometimes the typical gym and cardio just gets to be plain lame!

So here is my solution and something I just picked up last week. Are you ready?… How about ballroom dancing! Thats right, put on those dancing shoes because ballroom dancing is not just a craze but it’s here to stay. I have recently been watching a lot of Dancing With The Stars and it has truly inspired me to burn some extra calories through moving my hips! These hips don’t lie and the other night, I had my first class in which we learned the basics of latin dance!

The first thing I noticed, was that the female instructor was in great shape and I came to find out later that she was fifty years old! I was blown away by her athletic ability and still maintaining the body of a 25 year gymnast. Well, she barely led us through several basics and after an hour, I was already feeling it! I’m so used to weights but this seemed to involve different small muscles that my body just wasn’t used to engaging.

After our session was over, I was convinced that there is a good reason why the majority of ballroom dancers are fit and lean. I am now a believer and I highly suggest you guys go check it out for yourself. For your information, my heart rate was at a constant 70 % of my maximum heart rate! Pretty good, just for shaking those hips.


What’s up guys! Jordan in the house once again and I’m here to  explain to you fine ladies, why there is not a cookie cutter approach to rid those unwanted love handles. We have all heard of lame diets out there such as the Atkins diet, the 500 calorie diet and even the cottage cheese diet for goodness sake. Eating cottage cheese all day never ever seemed appealing to me. Yuck! The dangers of these diets is that it’s so hard for someone to stick to them and actually get long term results.

For example, sure you can lose weight with the Atkins diet with the low carb approach but what happens when your body starts eating all your muscle for fuel instead of the fat? When your body is too long in a ketosis like state it becomes difficult to maintain your energy levels and build muscle. When you are losing muscle, your metabolism slows down and when it slows down, you stop burning fat! This is the main reason why people on extremely low carb diets, tend to lose weight very quickly. However, it is hard for them to maintain the weight loss for good. A buddy from high school, unfortunately was a victim of the Atkins.

This friend owns a towing service company out in Plano Texas, in which he spends a lot of his time sitting and driving. He called me the other day, explaining to me that he was losing some weight with the Atkins but he also noticed, that he was a extremely sluggish all throughout the day. Of course, as soon as I heard Atkins, I gave him a piece of my mind! It’s not because I’m a jerk! It’s because I love the guy! He is like the big brother I never had and has a heart of gold. Anyways, he also mentioned that he noticed that his weight loss seemed to come a complete halt. I quickly informed him of all the cons mentioned above in this article and gave him a calculated diet plan which consisted of the right amount of fats, carbohydrates and protein. 6 weeks later, my buddy is back on track losing weight and having more energy than ever! A pat on the back for yours truly.

The 500 calorie diet has for some odd reason become popular over the past couple of years. I mean who the heck eats only 500 hundred calories and is actually satisfied? I almost eat 500 calories in one meal, much less for the whole day! When your only feeding your body below it’s maintenance caloric intake, it is almost impossible for your metabolism to work properly. The 500 calorie diet in my opinion, is even worse than the Atkins. What your body needs is balance! There should never be one extreme to another in life and also in dieting. We tend to forget all the proper macronutrients that God created for human consumption and we try to find a quick an easy way out of fat loss!

  • Fats are are friend not enemy…
  • Carbohydrates are needed for energy and that is why you might be feeling a tad crappy when you have too little of them.
  • Protein is not just for man and you we not turn you into a big green Hulk like figure if you eat it!

These points are so simplistic, yet we still have a long ways to go ladies! Until next time. Peace out!



One thing I have learned this past year is definitely just be yourself. It’s so easy of a concept yet I see so many women, including myself being manipulated and pulled in every direction with television, the internet, magazines, movies and even the music jams on the radio! Media is everywhere and it sure as heck is not going anywhere! We have always heard from our parents that we our all special and just be yourself. However, as soon as we are in line at the grocery store food stand, we see the photo shopped blonde bimbo running on the the beach, doing her best Pamela Anderson impersonation! It’s hard to be yourself, when you constantly have to compare your body to that!

I don’t know about you, but I’m not exactly inspired by the unrealistic marketing and expectations that the media portrays on us women. I am happy for those woman who have naturally chiseled curves and symmetrical facial features but I hate seeing that a majority of pictures have been enhanced. Why can’t media portray what real life women look like? Photo shopped, size zero models with are not the only women that enjoy running alongside the beach…

I believe that we need to start empowering and educating women by showing them what media is really doing to your ego. I read this article this morning and thought I pass you some knowledge. Check out this awesome article here. It is mind blowing the ill effects that our media is causing women everywhere and we women need to start putting more facts about photo shopping and other techniques media uses to lower our self esteem! I guess I better go put on my lip enhancer serum, so I can have lips like Kylie Jenner.

What’s up guys, welcome to my new website called Red Zero Radio. I just wanted to say, “Hey.” Anyways, my name is Jordan and I’m from a little hick town called Alpine Texas. Alpine has a population of roughly six thousand people and is located out in the “middle of nowhere” West Texas. If you like to get to know me more, then you can check out a little bio about me here.

The main reason why I created this little blog site, was to share my own personal weight struggles and hopefully encourage women to make a change for a healthier body! I am sick and tired of what society has done to ruin the thought process and inner self esteem of women everywhere! I will be taking you through my personal journey of what I have learned about weight loss and changing one’s thought process from negativity into “Bring It!!!”

I am still learning how to overcome the negativity that creeps up from time to time in life. I’m definitely no Tony Robbins and I sure as hell will never claim to be! Trust me… However, I have learned some things along the way that have helped me and I believe that perhaps it never hurts to hear another person’s perspective on life. We our a society of people that can help and learn from one another’s trials and I just want to hopefully inspire all who come to this site. I will do my best to keep you guys posted from time to time and look forward to sharing this life journey together!