What’s up guys, welcome to my new website called Red Zero Radio. I just wanted to say, “Hey.” Anyways, my name is Jordan and I’m from a little hick town called Alpine Texas. Alpine has a population of roughly six thousand people and is located out in the “middle of nowhere” West Texas. If you like to get to know me more, then you can check out a little bio about me here.

The main reason why I created this little blog site, was to share my own personal weight struggles and hopefully encourage women to make a change for a healthier body! I am sick and tired of what society has done to ruin the thought process and inner self esteem of women everywhere! I will be taking you through my personal journey of what I have learned about weight loss and changing one’s thought process from negativity into “Bring It!!!”

I am still learning how to overcome the negativity that creeps up from time to time in life. I’m definitely no Tony Robbins and I sure as hell will never claim to be! Trust me… However, I have learned some things along the way that have helped me and I believe that perhaps it never hurts to hear another person’s perspective on life. We our a society of people that can help and learn from one another’s trials and I just want to hopefully inspire all who come to this site. I will do my best to keep you guys posted from time to time and look forward to sharing this life journey together!